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Map of Bangkok (Krung Thep) street: streets, roads and highways of Bangkok (Krung Thep)

You can find on this page the Bangkok (Krung Thep) streets map to print and to download in PDF. The Bangkok (Krung Thep) roads map presents the road network, main roads, routes and motorways of Bangkok (Krung Thep) in Thailand.

Bangkok (Krung Thep) streets map

The Bangkok (Krung Thep) streets map shows all street network and main roads of Bangkok (Krung Thep). This streets map of Bangkok (Krung Thep) will allow you to find your routes through the streets of Bangkok (Krung Thep) in Thailand. The Bangkok (Krung Thep) streets map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Khao San Road as you can see in Bangkok (Krung Thep) streets map known as the ‘centre of the backpacking universe’, this is the top choice if you are looking for cheap accommodation and to meet other travellers. On this short 1km road you will find budget guesthouses and hostels, internet cafes, bars, restaurants, travel agents, massage parlors, market stalls, tattoo shops and pretty much everything a typical backpacker might be looking for. Just around the corner but a world apart from Khao San Road, Soi Rambuttri offers you a taste of what Bangkok (Krung Thep) used to look like before all the skyscrapers and high rise hotels arrived. Leafy banyan trees offer some shade from the strong afternoon sun and the street offers a great mix of guesthouses, restaurants, bars and street food stalls. Just around the corner from Thonglor, Sukhumvit Soi 38 is the home of street food. This is where you will find those classic Thailand street food experiences – eating on a wobbly metal table, on the edge of a pavement with cars rushing past, and chairs so low you are practically just squatting on the street.

Street food is everywhere in Thailand. Vendors set up stalls where you can get something to go or you can stop to enjoy a meal at the nearby tables and chairs. If you do not know what street foods to order, it can be a little overwhelming. Do not be afraid to be adventurous though — you just might find a new favorite dish to make back home. Somtam, a sweet, sour, spicy, salty salad made from shredded green papayas, tomatoes, garlic, shrimp, peanuts and chili peppers is one of the most popular street foods in Thailand. Guay Teow, or noodle soup, is the most popular Thai street food dish as its mentioned in Bangkok (Krung Thep) streets map. It comes from China (hence the Chinese name) but has become uniquely Thai through the years. Everyone knows pad Thai, the country famous stir-fried noodle dish with shrimp, tofu and a hint of tamarind. Like pad Thai, pad see ew is a safe choice. It is also not that spicy and actually has a bit of sweetness to it. Wide rice noodles are stir-fried, and then eggs, Chinese broccoli or cabbage, and dark soy sauce are added.

One of Bangkok (Krung Thep) most popular entertainment streets, Thonglor as its shown in Bangkok (Krung Thep) streets map is well known for its upmarket classy bars, boutique shops, fashionable clubs and restaurants offering pretty much any international or domestic cuisine you could ever think of. Royal City Avenue more commonly known as RCA, this is the centre of Bangkok (Krung Thep) clubbing scene and is actually the city officially designated nightlife zone, so you can find a party here every night of the week. There are so many different options to check out here if you are into the party scene, with many offering internationals DJs, live concerts and popular local artists each night. RCA reaches for 4 blocks, with lots of security around to make sure everyone is safe in the area. Maha Rat Road running parallel with the Chao Phraya River, Maha Rat Road is where you will find many of Bangkok (Krung Thep) major temples and attractions all in once place.

Bangkok (Krung Thep) roads map

The Bangkok (Krung Thep) roads map shows all road network and highways of Bangkok (Krung Thep). This roads map of Bangkok (Krung Thep) will allow you to find your routes through the roads and motorways of Bangkok (Krung Thep) in Thailand. The Bangkok (Krung Thep) roads map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Several elevated highways, newly rebuilt intersections, and many partially finished road and rail projects dot the landscape around greater Bangkok (Krung Thep), but have done little to overcome the notorious traffic jams on Bangkok (Krung Thep) surface roads as private vehicle usage continues to outstrip infrastructure development. Due to a large number of traffic jams in Bangkok (Krung Thep), the elevated highway (Thai: ทางด่วน, RTGS: thang duan, "express way"), linking most road networks in Bangkok (Krung Thep) together, is another choice for the rush. However, tax is to be paid for utilizing the highway depending on size of the vehicle as its mentioned in Bangkok (Krung Thep) roads map. This highway also leads to some outskirts of Bangkok (Krung Thep) including Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

Forty-eight major roads link the different areas of the Bangkok (Krung Thep) city, branching into smaller streets and lanes (soi) which serve local neighbourhoods. Eleven bridges over the Chao Phraya link the two sides of the city, while the Ratchadaphisek inner ring road encircles the inner city as you can see in Bangkok (Krung Thep) roads map. The road naming system may easily confuse you. There is more than one way of spelling or romanizing some road names that can confuse you. The following examples are the standard romanized spellings with, in brackets, another way of spelling you may commonly find: Asok (Asoke), Si (Sri), Sathon (Sathorn), Surawong (Surawongse), etc. It is common for some roads to have more than one name. For examples, New Road = Charoen Krung Road, Wireless Road = Withayu Road, Phra Pin Klao = Somdet Phra Pin Klao, etc. Some road names are written both in separate and joint form, such as Phra Pin Klao = Phra Pinklao, Rong Muang = Rongmuang, Sanam Chai = Sanamchai, etc. Some road names are preceded by the word "Thanon", which means "road" in Thai. Some street names are preceded by the word "Soi", which means "street" in Thai.

Spectacular twin cable stay bridges straddling a meander in the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok (Krung Thep) form part of the Thai capital Industrial Ring Road, connecting industrial areas in Samut Prakarn with the Port of Bangkok (Krung Thep). Navigation spans of the south and north cable stay bridges are 398m and 326m respectively with navigation clearances for shipping at 54m and 45 respectively as its shown in Bangkok (Krung Thep) roads map . Pylons are reinforced concrete. Two planes of stay cables support the outer edges of the decks. Main span decks are of steel composite construction. Back span decks are of prestressed concrete with intermediate support and anchorage providing reaction to live loading forces imposed on the main deck. The bridges are connected by high level viaduct complete with elevated junctions. Bridges and viaduct carry three lanes of traffic in either direction.